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New Years Eve Bali 2020

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New Years Eve Bali 2020, Celebration, Parties, Events, Countdown, Fireworks

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New Years Eve Bali 2020

Bali is a place which is known for its scenic beauty and the ocean water. You can enjoy yourself at the beaches, coral reefs and the soak in the beautiful scenery of the forested mountains. It is an island in Indonesia and tourists travel here to have a breathtaking experience of natural beauty. It is one of the popular places where people travel to celebrate their New Year's Eve. Don't miss out on a golden opportunity and travel to Bali this New Year's Eve and have a blast with your friends and family.


These are great rooftop bars and restaurants in Bali cater to those who consider the sky the limit, with the best options available to kick back and chill or dance and party away. Despite the local building height restrictions in Bali, these rooftop venues have provided international diners and partygoers some cool hangouts, all within the proscribed limits.

Double Six Rooftop Location: Double-Six Luxury Hotel

Grow Up Rooftop Bar Location: L Hotel Seminyak

Haute Rooftop Location: Studios at Alila Seminyak

Moonlite Kitchen and Bar Location: Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura), Seminyak

Rock Bar Bali Location: Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge Location: 61 Legian Entertainment Complex

Smoqee Lounge and Sky Bar Location: Le Meridien Jimbaran

Unique Rooftop Bar at Rimba Jimbaran Bali Location: Rimba Jimbaran Bali

Velvet & Hypnotized (VH Bali) Location: Kuta Beachwalk, Level 3, Jalan Pantai Kuta


Bali's top nightlife venues and best clubs are mostly spread throughout its southern regions of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, and several spots around Bukit. Bali club scene mostly starts around midnight. Diversions come in the form of nightclubs, restaurants and bars - either stand-alone or in-house hotel dining and entertainment outlets.

Here we present you our compiled list of Bali Best Clubs, to help you enjoy the best night out with friends and companions. These popular night spots and in-places feature all the right combination of sights, sounds, signature tastes and surroundings.

Jenja Jalan Nakula, Seminyak

Mirror Bali Lounge and Club Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak

OPIVM Nightclub Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak

Pyramid Club Bali Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta

Red Ruby Club Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak

Sky Dome Super Club Jalan Legian, Legian


South Bali is where it all happens! Tonnes of New Year's Eve parties, fireworks, DJ's and dinner feasts. Definitely, the place to be for those seeking action! Especially Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are the most explosive and trending and it is wise to book your tickets up front. The wide beach that spreads out from Kuta to Seminyak is a busy place where people gather to celebrate New year together and watch the big carnival. For families staying in the south of Bali but wanting to avoid the party scene, visit the annual Puputan carnival on Badung Square. It starts right after the midnight fireworks and the giant handmade puppets are truly impressive. Sanur is the beach to watch Bali's magical sunrise on the first day of 2020.


  • W BALI

    Double Six Rooftop

    W Bali – This high-end beach club has got a number of parties to choose from as well as multiple New Years Eve dinners.

    Double Six Rooftop – Budget friendly rooftop party by the beach with free entrance in the day. Prepare for happy hours, DJ's and an awesome firework show from the 5th floor.

    Potato Head

    KU DE TA

    Potato Head – Experience a Tropical Fire Dance at one of the most happening and iconic Beach Clubs of Bali. Potato Head will be transformed into a futuristic, psychedelic world with an intriguing Mask and Monkeys theme.

    KU DE TA – It's Disco Flamengo time at KU DE TA, the iconic Beach Club of Seminyak. Get your Bali Tropicana outfit on and dance the night away after a spectacular firework show.

    Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

    Cocoon Beach Club

    Moonlite Kitchen and Bar – This is the place to go for a lavish rooftop 6-course dinner just before the evening burst.

    Cocoon Beach Club – A jungle-themed oceanfront party to go wild!

  • KUTA

  • Sky Garden

    Hard Rock Cafe Bali

    Sky Garden – Party all night long till the sun comes out on the first day of the new year. Expect international DJ's and all-round party madness. Dress with 1920 ties style and flair for this Great Gatsby's themed party.

    Hard Rock Cafe Bali – Get your disco vibes out at this Neon Glitter Party. Live music and DJ's will keeps the grooves going, all you have to do is dance the night into 2020.

  • Canggu

  • Finns Beach Club

    Vue Beach Club

    Finns Beach Club – Enjoy a free entrance 2-day festival at Finns Beach Club. Minimum spending fee applies and the fee depends on how close you are to the entertainment.There is a thrilling 18+ event from 10 pm to 3 am on New Year's eve, and the next day, you can lounge by the poolside, as the festival continues.

    Vue Beach Club – A New Years Eve party with excellent DJ's, fire dancers, and fireworks.

  • Nusa Dua

  • Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua

    The St. Regis Bali Resort

    Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua – Dress up in black with some splashes of gold and enjoy an exclusive 5-course Festive Gala Dinner in style while the internationally renowned singer-songwriter Anggun giving an amazing performance. Stick around for the New Year's Countdown and watch the amazing fireworks show followed by the after party at Nikki Beach Bali.

    The St. Regis Bali Resort – Take your pick between the high-end dining restaurants at The St. Regis Bali Resort. Enjoy delicious food, great music and count yourself in for an unforgettable evening and a superb start of the new year

  • Unggasan

  • New Years Eve Bali 2020 Celebration

    Karma Beach – Alice in Wanderlust – Get ready to go down the rabbit hole and spend the last day of the year at Karma Beach. Gaze at the jaw-dropping ocean view while lounging, swimming and partying to the music of top DJs. For the children, there is special Kids club during the day.

  • Sanur
  • New Years Eve Bali 2020 Celebration

    Swiss Bell Resort Watu Jimbar – It's retro night at the Swiss Bell Resort Watu Jimbar in Sanur. Join their New Year's Eve dinner and Countdown Party, before watching the enchanting Bali sunrise on Sanur Beach and taking that New Year's Dive in the Indian Ocean.


    Far away in the mountains and jungle-fringed rivers of central Bali, you can make a perfect start of the new year! For those seeking a peaceful and quiet place, the Botanical Gardens of Bedugul makes a wonderful place to retreat to. Breathing in the fresh mountain air while surrounded by the magical nature of Bali island. For those seeking culture and a party, go the Ubud. The cultural heart of Bali is alive and happening this New Years Eve.

    New Years Eve Bali 2020 Celebration

    Bedugul Botanical Gardens – A huge, stunning tropical garden in the Bedugul area of Bali, close to Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple.

  • Ubud

  • No Más

    Desa Visesa

    No Más – Futura Discoteca! Get your disco moves out and don't stop dancing. No Más features ongoing DJ sets of Jack n Roll and Robin from the Basement House in Jakarta.

    Desa Visesa – Welcome 2020 with a delicious 6-course dinner at Desa Visesa. Entertainment includes Balinese music and a parade.

    Alaya Resort

    Maya Resorts

    Alaya Resort – Enjoy superb food, live music and a glass of sparkling wine at the countdown.

    Maya Resorts – The top Chefs of the Maya Resorts created an exotic menu with flavors from Marrocco to Japan. The evening starts with a traditional Legong Dance, cocktails and canapés. Close to midnight, DJ Echa will play the right tunes to welcome 2020.


    Spending New Year's Eve in North Bali gives you the option to welcoming 2020 intimately at a quiet place with your closest family in your private villa but you can also head out to party.


  • New Years Eve Bali 2020 Celebration

  • Spice Beach Club Lovina – This happening beach club in the north of Bali island features a fantastic 'Jungle Fever' program. Celebrate this New Year's Eve with delicious New Year BBQ dinner, live music, enchanting dances and DJ's after the countdown fireworks.


    If you are planning to visit Bali then you should probably books your tickets and place for accommodation in advance. Hotels in Bali are equally famous for their celebration in the hotels as compared to the outside celebration. You can ensure yourself of the best facilities and amenities in the hotels at Bali. You can search for deals at all of these venues, plus other local hotels here.


    Chapung Sebali

    Grand Hyatt Bali

    Intercontinental Bali Resort

    Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

    Westin Resort Nusa Dua

    if you want to spend New Year's Eve in another city. Click here

    Happy New Years Eve Bali 2020

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    If the Apocalypse Comes, Will Anyone Notice?

    Monday, December 9, 2013

    Not long ago (on 26 November) I ran an excerpt, here, from Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon's brilliantly eccentric postmodern classic about the V-2 missile bombing of England in late 1944. I also tweeted about it and mentioned the book in an e-mail to a friend (and looked it up in a Google search once).

    On 7 December, I got an e-mail from Amazon with a Subject Heading of "Gravity's Rainbow." The first part of the e-mail looks like this:

    I was startled to see "Gravity's Rainbow" (just those two words) as the Subject of an e-mail from Amazon, although I guess by now I shouldn't have been. (The real question is: Does Amazon know that the copy of Pynchon I'm now reading is from the library?) Google and Amazon have been tracking our behavior, our reading preferences, our buying habits, for quite some time; and they'll only get better at refining their models, perhaps to the point where they can tell I'm about to commit a crime, before I commit it (a la Minority Report). How Pynchon would that be? (Gravity's Rainbow is all about the limits of causation and prediction; it explores the inversion of cause and effect, a theme deriving from the fact that the sound of a V-2 missile's approach is preceded by the actual explosion, due to the missile arriving faster than Mach 1.)

    In its almost psychotic paranoia and unrelenting preoccupation with government research into the limits of predictability, much of Philip K. Dick's work anticipates (or does it merely echo, ahead of time?) Pynchon's landmark book—the same way daily news headlines seem to offer a plangent, time-inverted reverberation from some terrible dystopian future whose recent past we now reenact. Perhaps, as I tweeted not long ago, NSA + Google + Amazon are properly considered one entity, the data-ingestion "front end" for the coming dronepocalypse.

    I recently remarked on Twitter:

    I was being completely serious, because today's bizarro reality is so monstrously outrageous (our every reading habit cached in a silicon hash-tree forest, our future purchasing decisions e-mailed to us, but of course we can still opt out of a given purchasing decision should we wish to retain the illusion of free will; even so, you might want to wait, first, for Klout to finish generating your influencers; no sense going off half-cocked, old boy . . .) it would have beggared Pynchon's imagination, even if he was dreaming of Philip K. Dick reading Kafka.

    Before you write dystopian fiction, do a reality check. That is to say: Make sure present-day reality doesn't already have you trumped. Broadband Bizarro is streaming live, already. Have you checked your inbox? bestlawcrown.tkbestlawcrunch.tkbestlawcrystal.tkbestlawcupcake.tkbestlawcupid.tkbestlawcuriotk.tkbestlawctktom.tkbestlawdelta.tkbestlawdepot.tkbestlawdesigning.tkbestlawdestination.tkbestlawdish.tkbestlawdivine.tkbestlawdodge.tkbestlawdollar.tkbestlawdollars.tkbestlawdowntown.tkbestlawdragon.tkbestlawdraw.tkbestlawduck.tkbestlaweagle.tkbestlaweastbay.tkbestlaweastside.tkbestlawebony.tkbestlawecho.tkbestlawecono.tkbestlawelectra.tkbestlawenvy.tkbestlawepic.tkbestlawescrow.tkbestlawessence.tkbestlawexcel.tkbestlawfalcon.tkbestlawfame.tkbestlawfeature.tkbestlawfiesta.tkbestlawfighter.tkbestlawflag.tkbestlawflavor.tkbestlawfleet.tkbestlawflower.tkbestlawfolder.tkbestlawformula.tkbestlawgang.tkbestlawgecko.tkbestlawgeo.tkbestlawglamour.tkbestlawglory.tkbestlawgoddess.tkbestlawgorilla.tkbestlawgrab.tkbestlawgrabber.tkbestlawgrace.tkbestlawgram.tkbestlawgratis.tkbestlawgroove.tkbestlawgrow.tkbestlawguerilla.tkbestlawguerrilla.tkbestlawgun.tkbestlawhands.tkbestlawhandsome.tkbestlawhandy.tkbestlawhard.tkbestlawhotrod.tkbestlawhtkky.tkbestlawice.tkbestlawimagine.tkbestlawintergrity.tkbestlawiron.tkbestlawjackpot.tkbestlawjewel.tkbestlawjoker.tkbestlawjtkt.tkbestlawkayak.tkbestlawkiss.tkbestlawknight.tkbestlawlast.tkbestlawlastminute.tkbestlawlegacy.tkbestlawless.tkbestlawlightning.tkbestlawlimited.tkbestlawlion.tkbestlawlittle.tkbestlawloco.tkbestlawlowprice.tkbestlawlucky.tkbestlawmain.tkbestlawmarks.tkbestlawmatche.tkbestlawmeasure.tkbestlawmember.tkbestlawmessenger.tkbestlawmeta.tkbestlawmetric.tkbestlawmillions.tkbestlawminer.tkbestlawmtkcle.tkbestlawmystical.tkbestlawnano.tkbestlawnational.tkbestlawnations.tkbestlawnatural.tkbestlawnight.tkbestlawnobel.tkbestlawnormal.tkbestlawnorthamerican.tkbestlawnumber.tkbestlawocity.tkbestlawoffline.tkbestlawoftheday.tkbestlawomatic.tkbestlawomega.tkbestlawoneday.tkbestlawopedia.tkbestlawopplis.tkbestlaworama.tkbestlaworiginal.tkbestlawother.tkbestlawouter.tkbestlawover.tkbestlawovernight.tkbestlawpart.tkbestlawpassport.tkbestlawpatch.tkbestlawpeace.tkbestlawpeach.tkbestlawpearl.tkbestlawpermanent.tkbestlawpersonal.tkbestlawphase.tkbestlawpicker.tkbestlawpickup.tkbestlawpipe.tkbestlawpirates.tkbestlawplatinum.tkbestlawplum.tkbestlawpositive.tkbestlawprecision.tkbestlawpremier.tkbestlawpremium.tkbestlawpresident.tkbestlawprestige.tkbestlawpride.tkbestlawpriority.tkbestlawpronto.tkbestlawpure.tkbestlawquantum.tkbestlawrail.tkbestlawrainforest.tkbestlawrally.tkbestlawrapid.tkbestlawrater.tkbestlawrates.tkbestlawraven.tkbestlawrazor.tkbestlawreadset.tkbestlawredhot.tkbestlawremarkable.tkbestlawreps.tkbestlawrequest.tkbestlawrex.tkbestlawrhino.tkbestlawrings.tkbestlawroll.tkbestlawrule.tkbestlawrunners.tkbestlawsalvage.tkbestlawsample.tkbestlawscapes.tkbestlawscribe.tkbestlawsearcher.tkbestlawseason.tkbestlawsedona.tkbestlawsend.tkbestlawsession.tkbestlawshadow.tkbestlawshake.tkbestlawshoot.tkbestlawshuffle.tkbestlawsleuth.tkbestlawslide.tkbestlawsnapshot.tkbestlawsoldier.tkbestlawsolo.tkbestlawsonic.tkbestlawsouthbeach.tkbestlawsparkle.tkbestlawspicy.tkbestlawsplash.tkbestlawspree.tkbestlawsprint.tkbestlawstamp.tkbestlawstick.tkbestlawstreaming.tkbestlawstrick.tkbestlawsugar.tkbestlawsunflower.tkbestlawsuperhero.tkbestlawsurprise.tkbestlawsurreal.tkbestlawstktain.tkbestlawsweet.tkbestlawthunder.tkbestlawtopsecret.tkbestlawtreasure.tkbestlawtreat.tkbestlawtreats.tkbestlawturbo.tkbestlawunder.tkbestlawunique.tkbestlawurban.tkbestlawvariety.tkbestlawverde.tkbestlawvictory.tkbestlawvisual.tkbestlawwaterfront.tkbestlawwidget.tkbestlawwinner.tkbestlawwish.tkbestlawworth.tkbestlawyankee.tk bbug.eu.org film-foodtes.ru.eu.org gaoll.eu.org gigihadid.eu.org lits.eu.org marialindsey.eu.org p214.au.eu.org postbabat.eu.org rihanna.eu.org turjaun.eu.org vegetarianrestaurants.au.eu.org dress.eu.org plussizedress.eu.org plussizelingerie.eu.org skalertt.eu.org strokesony.eu.org womanlingerie.eu.org aboeeducation.eu.org accidentguide.eu.org accountingblog.eu.org afroarticles.eu.org alternativetreatment.eu.org animalsblog.eu.org arthobbies.eu.org artsculture.eu.org asianloans.eu.org ask2link.eu.org asso23.eu.org attorneycanada.eu.org autocareblog.eu.org beachbali.eu.org buscanada.eu.org electriccigarette.eu.org hostingcanada.eu.org hotelbali.eu.org hotelcanada.eu.org insurancecanada.eu.org lawyercanada.eu.org pagunul.eu.org petanimal.eu.org plumbingcanada.eu.org qowim.eu.org qowimteachingenglish.eu.org realestatecanada.eu.org roofingcanada.eu.org seonahjul.eu.org travelcanada.eu.org vegetarianrestaurants.eu.org aboesamuel.eu.org boerderijijs.eu.org domaineu.eu.org jonhseo.eu.org

    Please Dear God Don't Let My Influencers Be Cached

    Sunday, December 8, 2013

    Screenshot from Klout.com showing my influencers being generated.

    So I was checking my Moments Interactors on Klout.com the other day, just like every normal person does every day, okay, when a wait-message happened to catch my eye: "Influencers are being generated."

    "Wait," I said to myself, confused. "LinkedIn pre-generates my influencers; they show me my influencers every day. This must mean Klout instantiates influencers lazily, just in time."

    Which is probably the way it should be, because if there's one thing you don't want in your life, at this point, it's day-old influencers. Damn straight I want lazily generated influencers!

    So what if you have to wait a few seconds for your influencers to be generated? That can actually be a handy thing, because (think about it) if Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly arrive at your door, you can just say: "I'd love to talk to you right now, but Klout's almost done generating my influencers."

    They'll understand. I know they will.


    Most Reading