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Dramatic Increase of Natural and Organic Consumers Using Grocery Coupons to Help Cut Costs

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This article from the Progressive Grocer online magazine

Coupon Usage Up Among Natural/Organic Shoppers: Survey

Oct 16, 2008

In a consumer buying survey conducted by Mambo Sprouts Marketing during the Dow Jones' 700-pount drop in late September, nine in 10 natural and organic consumers, or 91 percent said they were using more grocery coupons to help cut costs.

Grocery coupon usage was very high, with almost all respondents (99 percent) using coupons and seven in 10 (70 percent) saying they regularly redeemed coupons. While one in two (51 percent) continued historic high coupon levels, a significant number of consumers (46 percent) reported increased usage. On average, natural and organic consumers used about six to nine coupons weekly, spending about $75-$99 per week on groceries and saving about $8 per shopping trip -- representing a savings of about 10 percent off their weekly grocery bills.

The most commonly used sources for coupons were in-store programs (95 percent), coupons by mail (84 percent), and newspapers (84 percent). Three in four (76 percent) used online printable coupons (76 percent), while just one in 10 used cell phone coupons (9 percent). Respondents preferred mailed coupons to printable online coupons by two to one (72 percent vs. 37 percent).

Six in 10 or more natural product shoppers felt like "smart shoppers" using coupon deals (76 percent), frequently tried new brands or products with coupons (62 percent), and considered coupons when planning their grocery shopping (61 percent). More than one in two would use more coupons if they were offered for natural and organic brands vs. more conventional brands (56 percent).

One thousand eighty natural and organic consumers completed the survey.

Collingswood, N.J.-based Mambo Sprouts Marketing is a full-service health, natural and organic foods, and products marketing and promotions company.

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