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Mambo Sprouts Introduces Coupons for Natural and Organic Consumers!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I recently discovered Mambo Sprouts. From their site:smallmambo_webbanner_125x1251

About Mambo Sprouts: Mambo Sprouts Marketing is a full service health, natural and organic foods and products marketing and promotions company. Through their online, mail and in-store programs, Mambo Sprouts reaches over 2 million proven N&O shoppers quarterly. Mambo offers manufacturers and retailers a complete range of customized programs including: the industry's first and only natural product co-op mailer featuring an optional custom solo mailing; Mambo Sprouts natural and organic product Messenger newsletter and coupon books distributed quarterly to 385,000 N&O consumers; MamboTrack, offline and Web-based market research services; offline and online mail list development; Go Mambo!, Mambo Sprouts’ mobile promotions van that travels throughout target regions distributing product samples and coupons at major events and festivals; Web marketing including natural product instant e-coupons, sample offer promotions, and a monthly targeted health e-newsletter. Mambo Sprouts is based in Collingswood, New Jersey. For more information call (856) 833.1933 or visit www.mambosprouts.com.

A recent press release for Mambo Sprouts says:

Collingswood, NJ, January 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Mambo Sprouts launches online coupons for natural and organic products

(OrganicPressRelease.com) -- Responding to consumer demand, Mambo Sprouts Marketing has expanded its savings programs with printable, online coupons. Beginning this month, visitors to the Mambo Sprouts site (www.mambosprouts.com) can print high value coupons for natural and organic products.

Mambo Sprouts already offers in-store coupons in partnership with a number of retailers like Whole Foods Markets and reaches more than 200,000 households with its regional, by-request direct mail coupon program.

The new coupon section on the company's website places Mambo Sprouts at the forefront in being one of the first online resources to offer multiple brand coupons exclusively for natural and organic producers. The new e-coupon function is powered by E-centives, a leader in secure print-controlled Internet coupons.

Mambo Sprouts syndicated Mambo Track research shows that coupon use is up among natural and organic consumers. In a December 2008 study, consumers requested more coupons to help them maintain their organic purchasing habits.

"Our research shows that consumers are still committed to buying healthy, natural products, but they're looking for manufacturers and retailers to make that decision easier", said Matthew Saline, CEO of Mambo Sprouts. This is a critical time for marketers to pay close attention to buying habits and help consumers so they can continue to select organics with their limited grocery dollars.

This new online program allows marketers to reach more households and further expand their coupon promotion offers on health and organic foods. “The whole idea behind Internet coupons is to create new ways to connect with consumers,” said Dadi Akhavan, president and co-founder of E-centives. “The Web provides many more opportunities that better integrate into the brand experience online and allow marketers to use coupons in more effective ways throughout the marketing lifecycle.”

"By posting additional coupons online, we are able to provide value to more consumers who are committed to buying natural and organics despite the tough economy," Saline said.

An earlier Mambo Track study, conducted in September 2008, found that on average, natural and organic consumers used about six to nine coupons per week, spending about $75 - $99 per week on groceries and saved about $8.00 per shopping trip representing a savings of about 10% off of their weekly grocery bills.


(P.S. I'm not an affiliate... just spreading the good news.)


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