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Home Wealth Solutions is a Scam

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Their is a site called  home wealth solutions( recently its name has been changed to Online income solution) ,claiming that with their package  you can earn 7487$ per month and all that is required  are some basic computer skills .They also wisely claim that their are some scam sites that will try to trick you by offering 50,000$ per month so basically they are a scam site warning of other scam sites.This scam site has a news daily 7 page on which they claim that news networks like CNN, BBC have talked about their package( which is a big lie )and it will help to make money off Google.Their are also some comments on the page supporting this product but when i commented, my comment was sent for approval and hasn't been displayed up till now.They also show proof of payment  which have been expertly edited to look real.There is a link on the news daily 7 page which takes you to the actual site, where you  are asked to enter some basic information(like your name country etc)  to check whether you are eligible for this program(not matter how many times I provided different information i was still eligible).once you have been deemed eligible you are offered to buy the package for $19.97.

 Google only pays through ad sense which requires a site or blog with a good traffic if you want to have some decent income, so this site is nothing but scam.


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