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Legit online jobs is a scam

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In old days it was really easy to identify  scams,however scammers of today have become smart they produce   really realistic looking testimonials and proof of payment.Their are also some review sites out there that claim that they are reviewing the products but in fact they are here to make you buy the product and claim thier commission,same is the case here with legit online jobs. They have many pet websites and blogs which support this product and claim it legit. Legit online jobs claims that you can make $500-$1000 per day which is totally absurd, you cant make that kind of money with a proper job and they are saying that their 49$ package will miraculously let you make such high amount per day and all you  have to do is some simple typing,post some ads and take some surveys.

What legit online jobs conveniently forget to mention is that posting ads costs money, instead of earning you will be losing money and will be losing further more as after joining up you will be asked to invest in some other stuff too. Don't believe in their money back guarantee, their are many people all over the internet complaining as to how legit online jobs don't pay back, check out the forums if you don't believe me.

 Legit online jobs is a total scam because you cannot earn that much money with  surveys and data entry jobs...its impossible, i have been reviewing and testing money making sites for a few years now and i have found no such type of job that can earns that much..Their are  many legit sites that lets you do data entry jobs and  take surveys and are free to join.With them you can earn some extra money, not 500-1000$ per day! so please don't waste your hard earned money on this site 

Legit online jobs


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