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Online career package-A Scam !!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This site looks very similar to another scam(home wealth solution) site i recently covered.It has also got another page which is made  to look like a news story, in it a news channel 11 is covering a story about a single mom who randomly discovers a package which supposidly gives her the divine powers to beat recession,she says even though she has no computer skills she make 3000-4000$ a month which just "online career package" and her internet connection.As all scam sites do, they show proof of payments and  testimonials(in every testimonial the package is being acclaimed as the best thing ever).The site makes huge statements which no proof to back them up. At the end they have also got a comment section in which commenting by commoners like us is not possible.The page has a link which take  you to the actual site from where you can purchase the  product.This package is a scam,plz don't fall for it,earning money online is not as easy as they want you to believe and many legit online money making sites are free to sign up,join the one which interests you and start making money, good luck!

This  site should be ashamed of themselves they cant even come up with a idea of a scam themselves.(I am just saying it actually i don't know which one copied the other one or they both might even be from the scammer!!).         

New online career package
Home Wealth Solution
online career package

Update: online career package.com has been redesigned , new front page looks similar to the old one with some minor changes. Form asking for basic information is still there, on filling the form you are taken to another page where a 5 day trail is being offered for $1.95, a counter is also present showing that only 5 min are remaining in buying this package, BTW the counter will be refreshed when it reaches zero. After 5 days of purchasing online career package your credit card will be charged for $29.95 each month. Stay away from this website its still a scam, but now under a new skin


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