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Email scam

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scam emails have become a commonly thing lately with email being used as a major source of communication now a days, its an email which promises get rich schemes and easy money or any another kind of program which basically involves getting a huge profit from nothing with the  purpose of Exploiting  people and tricking them out of their money.Sometimes scam email make themselves look like they are send from a legal company and these kind are hell bent on hacking your account,they will make up some issues such like,"we want to re check whether you are the owner of *** account,so please enter you user name and password in the link below"and when the requested information is entered,the account is immediately hacked.A typical example of these kind of scams(below)

Clicking on the link opens up a fake copy of battle.net log in page(pic below),although i am sure that  extreme Blizzard gamers will easily note the difference.

primarily email scams are based on getting rich with no effort or some immensely popular product with a measly price,these kind of scam targets our main weakness"greed",greed makes us forget rational,logical thinking and all we can think of  is a image of ourselves holding a oversize stack of cash so the next time you see a scam mail don't fall in to greed and  consider all the facts and i am sure you and your money will be fine.Getting dozen of scam emails is also really annoying so its best to keep your email as secret as possible and its a lot helpful to heed the browser's warning about a untrusted or a suspicious mail


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