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Google affiliate X - A Scam

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Google affiliate x is a push button software that is being sold for 77$.The creators of this software are Robert black and Ray Johnson,but on their  website its ray Johnson whose doing all the talking, he claims that their software will do everything to get your affiliate bushiness started, it can select best keywords,tell you whether a niche will profitable or not,build you a website in no time,generate traffic to your website etc.Hes basically trying to say that if you buy their product and follow instructions exactly, then you are going to become rich with no effort , which according to me is impossible.

These things he claims Google affiliate x can do, is being regularly done by many expert affiliates out there,but they had to learn them, they had to spend years perfecting them and it still takes some time for results to show up.Thus when a software like this pops up and claims that because of its secrets algorithms and some other rubbish,it can make you into a top affiliate in no time,well it makes me very angry,life inst so easy and thousands of affiliates working hard to setup their bushiness are not stupid, they know that is the only way to be successful and you guys should also know that,don't buy this useless software and waste your hard earned cash.

This site is very lengthy, you will get tired just from scrolling down,it starts from ray Johnson introducing himself then goes on to tell  his history of rags to riches and at last moves on to the main part that is marketing his product.He touches every point to make his product sell,he shows proof of payments,displays testimonials,gives you reason to trust him,states many functions of his Google affiliate x ,offers money back guarantee and states his offer is for limited people.Though he gets a little bit desperate when you close his site,when you click on the close button  a message box appears

I was still not convinced and wanted to leave,but he just wouldn't let me

he still wanted to make a sale out of me so closing this message box too resulted in another, more desperate one

He doesn't let his customers escape easily

After four message boxes, one after another i finally managed to close the site,this just shows that how desperate he is to sell his products even though he stats that limited number of packages are available.

As i mentioned before he states a lot of points about his products and also provides proof of payments and testimonials(BTW the proof and testimonials he provided can easily be forged ),but they are not enough when you are selling such a  stupid  software.Their is no software that  gives you unfair advantage and lets up a site on Google top ten 10 in 56 minutes(he makes many other high claims like this, but i think one will be enough as an example),even if their was one you will get banned before you get to the top.

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to earn money online but remember for it to work you should be serious and ready for some work,please don't expect a software like this to do your work.If you are interested in affiliate marketing then you are most welcome to visit affiliate marketing page on my blog  or read my affiliate marketing article.If you want to make a web site for free with easy  website building tools then visit  webs and  if you want to make website with easy website building tools and with a registered domain then visit hostgater.


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