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Google sniper 2.0,is it worth buying?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another package, software or whatever you want to call it, is claiming to help setup a website which will generate huge amounts of traffic in just weeks thus making millionaires out of people.I have seen so many systems like this,that on one glimpse i know this is going to be a waste of money but still we have to be fair, so lets get in detail.Google sniper 2.0 consists of a video and an eBook which supposedly will help setup a website which will get loads of traffic in  few weeks,this site will be up and running in a short time and wont need any work after that but will generate a lot of income for many years to come.Mastermind behind this supposedly amazing software is George brown  who like many other gurus out there was very poor at start,was ripped off by many scams but by working hard and a miracle he discovered his ultimate ticket to riches and fame and now he wants to share it with less fortunate people like us for a price(47$).

Mr George brown claims his software to be the real thing  and shows his click bank account as a proof,his account show him earning a lot of money but i think its from ripping of people not from his super traffic techniques.He states  this Google sniper 2.0 will help us people in choosing the right niche from click bank and then make a website which will get huge amount of traffic without any hard work.So in the end its same as many other scams out there claiming to get work done without any effort.He also shows shows his website "Groom wedding speech" which is ranked 1 on Google to further support his software.The reason its on top is he used back links(which requires hard work and time) and targeted keywords in his domain and description(you can know about these techniques for free).To further prove my point here is one of my blog posts ranked at no 5.

I know its not no1 but still its a good rank and i didn't pay some guru to get there,my point is that techniques that this software charges you for can be learned for free from many websites online but it will require work from you.Its impossible to rank top in Google without any effort,even Mr George has used these time taking techniques to propel his site to no 1 but he still claims his software to get your website at number 1 with no effort,sad...

In the end my conclusion is don't buy Google sniper 2.0 its not worth it,if you want to learn on how to get traffic to your website  visit  blogger tips seo tricks and if you want to learn about click bank and affiliate marketing click here.



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