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Instant traffic robot is a scam

Monday, August 15, 2011

This website is a bad joke filled with rubbish statements and enlarged plus highlighted text.Their is a push software "instant traffic robot" developed by Paul green which he claims will generate huge amount of quality traffic to web pages  and all we humans have to do is push the start button.Mr paul green mentions many times on his web page that the software will handle everything from generating traffic to earning huge sums of money.He also displays proof of payments of his click bank account and that's the only prove he provides  assuming that it ll be enough to have everyone in his pockets.Countless times he feels its must to reminds us of how much profit he generates or how awesome and flaw proof his software is,but he doesn't provide any convincing proof.He also goes as far as to claim that hes not desperate on selling his software as its limited(200 copies) and ironically states that he wont allow his software to be used for scam.He calls himself a affiliate millionaire and strongly opposes so called gurus and their scam programs.

Instant traffic robot  supposedly doesn't require Google tips, SEO, social marketing to generate traffic it has its own formulas which generate quality traffic on auto pilot. Paul green says it can be setup in under 3 minutes and can start earning you money instantly.All these claims hes making are a lie,their is no such software nor will their be any software that can generate traffic instantly,if their was such software it would have been more famous then numa numa video,He says that hes not desperate to sell his software,well it seems otherwise when you close his website:

On closing close this message box another one appears if you select to stay on page

On closing this one too another one appears if you again select to stay on page

 This is the last message box and after this Paul Green is ready to sell his product for 27$(originally he was selling for 47$),if that's not desperate, then what is ?

Yes! when you click on the close button, these message boxes appears,and every time or anytime you click on the close button these same messages pop up.Another strange thing is that he starting selling his product on July 12 2011 and he states that each day a lot of traffic is on his page ready to buy his software which might cause the software to sellout any second but the thing is that now its august 15th 2011 and his 200 softwares still haven't sold out.                                   

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