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Make money reviews.co.uk giving positve reviews to scam sites

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Their is a site out there "makemoneyreviews.co.uk" That apparently does reviews of sites and recommends legit ones.Upon checking i  found out that the most of the sites they recommend are scams(some of the sites i have reviewed as scams are there as legit ), they are basically affiliate of scam sites and helping to promote them under the guise of a review site

They say that their are lot of scams out their but their are few easy and get rich schemes that work and have Given a link to them in one of their articles .I want to clarify one thing here,no get rich quick scheme will work,if earning money was so easy then everyone would have been rich but as you can clearly see that's not the case. Its really sad people will adopt any method and will go to any extent to scam,where are the ethics nowadays!


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