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My Real income - A Scam

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My real income doesn't make much sense by saying that all you have to do is post ads for big companies and get 175$ per click.Posting ads takes money and big companies don't need people like us to post their ads,they have their own staff for advertisements so  the only conclusion i have come up with is that they would have you post ads which will attract more audience to their programs, while at the same time have you will pay for the ads!

The site goes on to explain just how simple and easy it is to earn money from their package,also shows some positive testimonials, at the end promises money back guarantee and offers their package for 19.95$,next to the price their is "just for today" but  if you  visit some other day the price stays the same along with "just for today".Another interesting thing is that  when you close the site  another page appears offering that package for 9.95$ and when you close that page too(out of sheer frustration in my case),another one pops up offering the package for free with a link"download now"when you click on the link a form appears asking for your personal information and credit card number ,if you observe closely they are still charging you 4.95$ !

Edit:Now they are offering trail for $4.95 and after the trail finishes $77 per month will be charged for the package. If you have agreed to take the trail then cancel it, don't expect them to contact you regarding whether you want to continue with the product or not, you will be automatically charged after the trail finishes.


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