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Protect Yourself From Simon Stepsys

Monday, August 1, 2011

Recently I came across a site "200kincome" which like all other scam site's claimed that you can earn a lot of money with no effort and in no time.The site was crowded with exceptionally positive testimonials and also had a video showing proof of payments.The site was easily distinguishable for what it really was-A Scam but here i came to know about an interesting person Simon stepsys.He owns 200kincome with some other websites and blogs and calls himself a online marketing guru along with net millionaire.Upon further researching i found out that he is also on facebook and twitter where he has decent amount of friends and followers.He promotes his Simon stepsys programme which will supposedly make you a millionaire and all you have to do is follow his system step by step.This person is good at what he does and that is tricking people out of their money. His facebook and twitter pages uplift his image a lot,he also likes to post free articles to make people trust him but if you go in depth you can easily tell that Most of them are utter rubbish with false claims and have nothing that will actually help you(you will find some useful but their only purpose is to build up false trust),still he has been able to scam many people and his sites are up and running.

It has taken up a lot of my time in researching him and i can say with full confidence that he is a Scam.If you purchase his package you are mainly told to post ads which by the way further Strengthens his scam network and leaves you in worst financial condition as before(posting ads takes money).Contacting him on facbook and twitter is impossible as every one of your comments,posts,tweets will be ignored and Don get sucked in by the money back grantee as their are already hundred's of people  waiting for their money back for over a year.Legal action also been taken against him,In 1998 their was a case done on him by office of fair trading but it didn't help much as he is still at large.Whenever and wherever you see this person's name the best thing to do is to look the other away as fast as possible.



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