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Real Writing Jobs is a scam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Start earning money today for only $2.95..." they claim in big highlighted text and also state  in small not so highlighted text"I agree to the Terms and Conditions. I also agree to be enrolled in the 10 day trial for $2.95, and after the trial expires, I agree that my card will be charged $47 per month until I cancel."They put the last unwanted part near the terms and conditions which no one bothers to read and i am sure many people would just tick  the terms and conditions and not realize what they have done until they start noticing money disappearing from their credit card.To get into the scam site your name and email address will have to be sacrificed,After that you see a page with very little content and a big sign up form.

Their statements like "no experience required" betrays their level of intelligence as writing online requires a lot of experience(the more experience the better ) and a good grasp of English language which they forget to mention.They are a site offering writing jobs,but first you will have to sign up for $47(they also offer trail at $2.95 for 10 days) and on the other hand we have Freelance sites that are free to sign up,have thousands of wide variates of jobs (writing online,consultant,graphic designer etc) and are legit.

When you enter the site through affiliate link, a different page(pic given below) appears which contains detailed information about the package along with some testimonials and a sale in which ever country you are(If you are in Canada you ll get "sale in Canada just for today" and if you are in Russia then you'll get "sale in Russia just for today").


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