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Rich At Last ,Secret Formula webinar- both are a fraud

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This page starts off by showing  a little time counter ,urging us to hastily buy their package or else we will be forced to leave empty handed.The site also has big images of  bucks to Further implement that whatever they are saying is true,the web page is basically full of  stupid and rubbish statements,all they are telling is what you wont have to do.At some point they finally tell you what you will have to do" you just do 1 simple thing, and every time you do, you get $500 bucks put straight into YOUR pocket every single time, and for as long as you want!"  not very convincing,isn't it?.They are also offering a e book supposedly of $97 for free if you decide to proceed and fill out their small form at the end.After filling the form,another page appears giving away the e book as promised and having a link to their program of choice.The e book is worthless and i have seen it being given for free in other such scams.

The program that they are promoting is called  Secret formula webinar and here again you are required to fill out a form,after the form has been filled and submitted,you are directed to another page with a embedded video,video had slides and a con artist(Rod stinson) explaining that how all other program are scams and how his program in which you don't have to do anything will take you to your luxuries and richful life style.He further goes on to explain his success story and try's to describe the layout of his system which he has drawn on the back of a pizza box(this system is also called pizza box secret formula).He also shows abnormally high cash checks which btw are very expertly edited.At the end he tells us to make the right decision ,give him a call and get started right away.Another important thing you should know is that Mr.rob stinson ,started another scam called 1 step system some few years back which now is floating belly up,but as you guys can see hes back with another scam to rip off people again.He also has dedicated minions to fight off anyone who declares his system a scam,i think these minions are also his affiliates, as i saw "rich at last "site guy having a post in which he supports this system and tells everyone off  for calling it a scam


This scam is just like many other of it's kind,offering huge amount of money for nothing,claiming as to how their program is everything that will steer your life in right direction and making huge baseless statements with false guarantees.The video BTW was expertly made to lure in people but when you say that you can make million in a year which just doing nothing ,it's just too damn hard to believe.

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