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Shawn casey-A professonal scammer

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shawn Casey seems like a nice guy if you spend some time on his site "Mining gold",he starts off his site by
"I won't promise you 'millions'. I won't promise you 'overnight riches'. I won't promise you 'instant wealth' without lifting a single finger. C'mon, let's be honest, here. That's just plain bull, if you ask me" then further goes on to say that he is a millionaire,a internet marketing expert with 25 years of experience and now he is ready to share his secret's to the masses.He also Claims that he has a top seller book"mining on internet" from where he basically got the concept of his package.He admits the he has also bought scam products that never delivered on their promises and sympathies with people who have also been sucked dry by scams.At the end of the site he gives a lot of reason for people to trust him and end his site by "click here to start mining gold now".Clicking on this link will take you a new page where you are asked to enter your personal details and credit card no to buy the package for $49.97.

I have to admit this guy had some strong points which made him sound like a nice guy but their  were  somethings that he completely missed like no proof !,he didn't provide any proof for his big talks and the only thing he let out about his package is that it contains 22 explosive selling strategies that will supposedly make you rich.I also did some research on his e book and couldn't find any information regarding  it on any site apart from his and his affiliates site(sites which are promoting his products for commission),heck i couldn't even buy his book it was not on any major store,amazon had a book by the name "mining on internet" but it was written by another author and cost less then his package.He and his affiliates are famously known for sending spam emails which instead of building trust make people wary of him.On internet their are mixed views about him but majority of them are negative.i am not saying that all his points are rubbish(keep in majority of them are rubbish), some few do help but not to that extent as its claimed and some of his ideas can also be found free on the internet(so why pay for them).The package doesn't even come close to the huge promises hes made and many people have been rejected refund on the bases that they didn't follow the points properly or didn't purchase side products like they were told to.In the end i would like to say that  he is a scammer and instead of buying his package do some research on our own and i am sure you will come up with better results.


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