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Total traffic tutorial is a scam

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Like many other scam packages all it does is make your wallet light.Total traffic tutorial consist of videos that supposedly will guide in generating huge amount of traffic thus leading lots of money.its divided into six modules and its website claims it  to be the best package ever,stating its benefits,uses with no sound proof.Its claimed that total traffic tutorial is an underground and forgotten technique that greedy gurus want to hide because of its amazing strengths, ridiculous statement like these makes scam sites enjoyable and fun to browse...

The website starts off with a video,underneath it a lengthy sales letters can be found and ends with a "download now for 47$" link.Website shows proof of payments and  traffic stats, don't believe any of it as these results can be easily forged.When i opened the site their was a counter which started of with 1 hour and 5 minutes and its claimed that the download link will be disabled when the counter hits zero, but the amusing part is: every time you open the site the counter starts off with the same time(1 hour and five minutes) . On closing the site two message boxes appear trying to convince you to buy the tutorial by lowering its price (from 47 to 37 $) and offering a free tip.

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