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Google Cash Monster-Review

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Google Cash Monster is a package which claims to trick and hack Google by bringing any website to number 1 spot, thus stealing most of the traffic. The package supposedly does all the work, so no technical  or any other skills are required. All we people have to do is buy this package for 47$ and then watch ourselves going from rags to riches with no effort and in no time, sounds to good to be true?

Yes, its too good to be true, this package is a scam and a very bad one at that.  The promotional page starts off with an absurd video and a statement, " want to cheat your way to a six figure income this year?", in some where middle another statement catches my eye " its unfair but  100%ethical and  legal ". How can stealing and hacking be ethical and legal ?, even a thief knows these practices are illegal but the main question here is,  can Google be hacked and exploited ?. A very easy question, no , its impossible don't even think about it. Google is a multimillion company with highly experienced programmers and on the other hand we have a person who remains anonymous and claims his package can hack Google and earn you  lots of money, he doesn't even provide any sound proof to his claims.

Promotional page also contains Testimonials and proof of earnings, which now a days can easily be forged. Getting testimonials is also no hard task, pay to get them or better make them your self. If this Google cash monster really worked then  the maker of this program would have been have been world famous and most probably  rotting in a jail as hacking is never legal, no matter from what ever angle you look at it. He states that hes sharing his package with the rest of the world just to help, if he wants to help then why offer it for a price, how can he possibly need any more money as he claims to be already earning in six figures from his package.

Like all other scam packages this one is also claimed to be the best thing that ever happened to mankind, its said to earn huge cash with no effort and with no skills. This is impossible, earning money is not easy, may it be online or offline. Yes, having a decent income online is possible but it requires hard work and a sound strategy and it it has its benefit of working  whenever you feel like it, from home but its not as easy as the so called gurus will have you believe. They make money off people without giving anything in return.

Conclusion: Google cash monster is a scam, don't waste your hard earned cash over it. If you guys have any questions, do comment and i will try my level best to answer them. Any kind of feed back is also appreciated.

Google Cash Monster


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