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Identifying Fraud

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Now a days internet is literally filled with fraudsters. In recent years their number has gone up drastically, this means that they are wining, that they are having success in Tricking people out of their money. They must be stopped at all cost!

That's why i have written this article. First thing to know about frauds is that their primary targets are newbies and people who are having financial difficulties therefor they desperately search for anything that will help them clear financial problems. Fraud sites offer them packages/products which supposedly are very easy to use and will make anyone filthy rich in no time. This strategy mostly works: luring in people and robbing them of their money

Below are some of the points that  almost every fraud site has.

1. They claim that you can earn a lot of money with no effort. This is impossible, this is against the very laws of earth, you can not gain anything with no effort, you have to work to get something. Their are many people out there that have made a lot of money on the internet, but they have also put in a lot of hard work.

2. Fraudster services wont be free, and the packages they will offer will make you Rich in no time and with no effort. Stop here and just think: why would they be offering you a package or selling you their secrets through which they made millions for just a small price, the world's not that kind.

3.Their site will be full of testimonials Going on about how the package was everything they were looking for or how it was the best thing that ever happened to them. They will have a comment box but sadly you wont be able to comment on it.

4.Some go as far as to claim that famous news channel like CNN and BBC have covered their products, but no proof will be provided for these huge claims. They will show proof of payment which seem very real. In old days it was easy to expose a fraud by their proof of payment but frauds of today have expertly forged their proof of payments, so be careful, don't buy a package by just seeing proof of payments

5.When you close a fraud site, mostly a message box will appear tying to convince you to reconsider by lowering the package's price.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading my article, i hope it helps you out in exposing frauds.

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