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Six Figure Yearly, a scam...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even though its a scam System,still i think it aught to be given the title of "most unique system" because of its claim, to be the system that will help you earn loads of money through an ATM legally.This system is based on the principle that we human beings have begun to relay on machines too much and take their word for granted,so what if a system is made that will  LEGALLY confuse machine,computers and get huge amount of money in your bank account.Thus Six figure yearly system was devised which supposedly will get huge amount of money in anyone's bank account which can then be drawn by any ATM machine,and yeah the owner of this system again feels the urge to remind us that it will all be legal.First of all, how can it be legal? the things that his system is doing are illegal, its theft, how can anyone get money into his/her bank account that he/she doesn't own and call it legal!...and secondly such a feat is not possible.

The owner of this system hasn't even introduced himself, i suppose he was too busy listing down its wonders. So lets address him by owner, he states his system is no quick get rich scheme while at the same time saying that his system can earn you $1000-3500$ per day by working for 1-3 hours, if this is not quick get rich scheme, then what is? All MR owner explain of his system is that you will make online account,do some transactions and withdraw cash through ATM and the rest of his website is dedicated to explaining how he was poor before discovering six figure yearly,how he was tricked by false gurus,why he wants to help...etc etc

At the end, six figure yearly is offered for $69.97 and in my conclusion i will like to add that this system is rubbish,scam,worthless and MR owner himself is also full of rubbish and is a fraudster as well as a bad scammer.

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