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The rich kids review

Monday, September 19, 2011

The rich kids is an affiliate guide and an income plan that claims to earn you decent income by just working for 15-30 minutes a day. Now, i have been in affiliate marketing for some time and by looking at this package's sales page i can easily say that this is a scam.

First of all, lets make one thing clear, its impossible to earn a decent income by just working for 15-30 minutes a day, especially if you are in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of time to setup. It takes at least 4-6 months to receive your first check, yet this site is claiming that their package can land you with  a cheque  in just a month. The rich kids sales page states that in some easy steps you can have this program up and running, these easy steps are explained in a very confusing  and secretive manner, what i could understand was, you will have to register to some site by providing your basic information and send messages to some place while using advertising companies to use to maximize your profits.

The side bar of sales page is filled with testimonials and every one of them  is  positive and having  pictures of  happy gleaming faces holding cheques, this seems more like advertisement then testimonials. No prove is given of their programs success, they are just making big claims and hoping that people will believe them, why should  we believe them when all they are trying is to some how convincing us to buy  their products by showing pics of cars, tourist places  and stating  false claims. This package is an affiliate guide yet no where did i find any expert view about affiliate marketing or any prove that the owners of this package have clear grasp of affiliate marketing, are we suppose to take them as an affiliate genius just because they say so?

At the end, bonuses are also being offered with the rich kid. One of the bonus is: get paid to survey, in which they will pay for taking surveys and according to them this service costs $59.95. what a lie,  their are many  get paid to survey websites that are free to sign up, head over to my gpt sites page and see them for yourself. Bonus no 2: Get paid to shop, this system is also called mystery shopping in which you buy products and get paid and this service according to them costs $39.95, again a lie head over to google and search mystery shopping, you will  find  no of websites that offer this service and are free to sign up. this just shows how much of a scam they are.  The rich kid costs $14.99, in my view this package shouldn't even be offered for free as it misguides people and wastes their time

The rich kids


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