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Data Entry Bank-review

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Data entry bank like so many other scam products out there offers $1000+ per day with little or no effort. Its the same old story of  working for only 15-30 min and needing no special skills after all you will only be required to fill up some simple forms. They mention it on their sales page that no website, marketing skills and  writing skills  are required.

Data entry bank is a scam . After signing up you are told to join click bank and Google ad words. Click bank is an affiliate marketing site where you can select various products to promote and earn commission on  their sale, Google ad words is the most powerful ad network online, here you can post ads. What data entry bank wants you to do is promote products of their choice,  by posting ads on Google ad words. ads will drive traffic to the selected products and if ad driven traffic purchases the product you get commission. First of all this is affiliate marketing not data entry, secondly they forget to mention that posting ads costs money and their is no guarantee that people will purchase the products, you might end up losing money instsead of earning. Google ad sense has also banned  click bank products from having their ads pointing directly to them, you will need  a web page where you will direct the ads traffic, from here you can give link to the click bank product, so this requires  a webpage, otherwise you have a risk of getting your ad banned. All you have to do is fill up some forms is actually all you have do is posts ads, Data entry bank contains tutorials to posting ads and its said to be automated, posting ads is really easy and needs no tutorial and they didn't elaborate on the automated part. You don't need data entry bank, its a waste of money all of this can be done by yourself with out getting any costly tutorials.

Data entry bank will provide data for posting ads, this means that they can have you post ads for their own affiliate products thus earning them traffic and sales while you take the fall. The  have testimonials containing professional photos, How many testimonials have you seen with professional photos of   family smiling happily?, that is a main sign  for forged testimonials.

Data entry bank cost  $49.95 and is  pretty much worthless, along with taking away your cash it also misguides. Affiliate marketing is not as easy as they want you to believe, it requires hard work and time. You need to earn people's trust before recommending them products and i am sure the products that they will tell you to post ads of will be scams.

Data entry bank


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