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Income Elite

Friday, October 14, 2011

An income elite team under Steve Peirce claims to be earning huge amount of money and now they have opened their doors for  us the average people--of course for a price.

This income elite team is all about doing absolutely very little work and earning huge amount of money and thus like many systems/programs of its kind its a scam. In fact Steve Peirce writes that by exactly copying campaigns and a few clicks you will be able to make a fortune, many time he states that he and his team has done most of the hard work for us. Their is no sentence or word that clearly explains as to what this system is about or how will this work, all i found was reassuring statements of how rich you can get from this and the sales page is full of proof  of payments showing huge amount of money, these can be easily forged now a days  so don't be deceived by them. This system has also got many affiliates who are giving it good reviews to sale it for commission, one of such affiliates is web news daily which is made to look like a news site covering a story on a mum who supposedly makes $8700 from income elite.

At the end the Income Elite  is being offered  for a 7 day trail for $4.95 just for today(regular price is $97)... but if you open the sales page some other day $4.95 and just for today is still there. On closing  the price is further reduced to $2.95, this just shows desperation and i am sure if Steve Peirce's Income elite really  worked he wouldn't have felt the need to offer such huge cuts.


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