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Income hybrid review

Monday, November 7, 2011

Income hybrid is a 3 in 1 software which is said to generate huge amount of traffic from a vast secret untapped traffic source. According to its creator, its a web software thus no hassle of installing, and comes with  3 easy steps tutorial, no skills is required in using it. This seems to good to be true, and it is- this income hybrid like many of others traffic generating software is a scam, it doesn't deliver what its promised to.

Income hybrid sales letter is full of fake screen shots  and praises of it self but no where is their any mention of as to how will this software  get traffic, build up huge mailing list and get top affiliate niches. All it says is huge traffic from a secret source...i am pretty much sure that their no secret traffic trove hidden down in the depths of internet,  its just a false statement to keep you interested.

On purchasing the package you are getting automated bonus of $2997 if you act fast, but if you visit the site some other day the offer still remains. This package costs $47 and with it they are giving $2997, how can such business model work?. sales letter clear states that the software can be setup in few minutes and you can start earning then, their is no mention of any work after starting the software but the disclaimer is telling another story, in there the earning of an individual will depend on his/her skill level and time he/she puts in this software.

If you have unfortunately purchased income hybrid, then i am sure you would rip out your hairs on learning that their supposedly secret traffic source is face book, yes Facebook !. this excuse of a software is basically about making pages on face book to support affiliate products. Their was no mention of face book on income hybrid's sales letter. This income hybrid is a scam and not even worth a penny, stay away from it.

Income hybrid

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