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Mobile Money Machines- is it worth buying?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Like many thousands of online software/packages, mobile money machines also promises to make you a millionaire in no time. Its owner who calls him self frank Lucas ,self claimed millionaire really speaks out against false gurus and scammers and says hes hes not selling mobile money machines for money but to get back at those false gurus and of course to help average people like us.

The promises and expectation made by mobile money machines are very high, video is extremely convincing and frank many times mention that his software is free but he will charge $49.95 for server up keep  and few  limited spots are available, the website has been up and running from mid July and still those few spots haven't been filled... If you have unfortunately purchased this software,  demand an instant refund as you will find out that frank is full of outrageous and straight out lies. His software promises unlimited free traffic but once bought you will discover that you have to pay the most expensive way to get traffic by cost per ad(CPA). video claims it has nothing to do with seo, launches, websites, money needed for domain, another lie as this software involves all of these things. Video is guaranteeing success  and after every 2-3 minutes reminding you as to how mobile money machines is the best software and you have get to it straight away but giving no details on what will this software actually do. yes they do tell that it concerns affiliate market and mobiles but its very vague and clearly not enough if you are charging $49.95.

Mobile money machines is a scam and  not worth buying. its just like all the other so called get rich quick schemes whose sole purpose is to rob people of their money

Mobile Money Machines


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