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Beeper Bucks is a scam

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just like many scams out there beeper bucks also claims to Earn as much $1000 with little or no effort. The main concept of this system is after earning money( by using their system)  you get a notification on phone confirming, "you have earned money" and then this money can than be taken out by any ATM all over the world.

Beeper bucks is shown as easy to use, very less time consuming and a recurring way of earning money. Its sales page mentions that no website, calls , seo  etc will be required for this software and anyone can do it. Like many scams it goes on and on about benefits of this software but is lacking in information as to what this software will actually do.Sales letter mentions a little about something to do with member ship websites.

Beeper buck disclaimer is another story. in it its clearly stated that they wont be responsible for any losses and the success  of this software is dependent on persons, interest and skills. Their are also many other things in the disclaimer with clearly contradicts the sales letter. Be careful of websites that are supporting this product, their are doing it only for money as they get a share whenever beeper bucks makes a sale through them,  Beeper bucks is a Scam don't waste your money over it, these kind of scams give making money online a bad name, its possible to earn money online but not as easy as these scam sites want you to believe.

All the kind of get rich quick schemes are scam, they don't provide any proof of their credibility, they don't even explain clearly as to what  you will do once you purchase the package, all they have on their sales page is Images and huge numbers to get you attention. If we look at these programs logically they don't make any sense, for instance why are they even offering the program and charging for it if it is capable of earning them millions.


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