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Home income package

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just like thousands of other packages and systems home income package is also offering a lot of money with little effort. This seems to good to be true and it is

Home income package is a scam, and its really similar to online career package, home wealth solutions which also are scams that i recently reviewed. I am sure that like me you guys were lead to the site by finance reports news site, this site is fake, its just built for promoting this scam package. none of the tabs and links work and you cant comment on the site even though they are some comments which are recommding this package. This is very similar to the daily news 7 fake news site which was promoting scam product home wealth solutions, actually i think they only changed the name as the pictures, content and even comments are of daily news 7.Just Google daily news 7 and you'll see.

I am not going into details as i have already reviewed its sister sites which turned out to be a scam but if you want detials check my home wealth solutions and online career package review.Stay away from this package and its advertisements which are all over the internet, even on big sites like you tube.

Home income package


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